Monday, January 2, 2012

Did You Ever Asked..

Did you ever asked yourself...what do yourself really desire/wants ?
I've been asking this question to myself since 3 years ago...till now i still haven make any decisions / have the very own answer of myself for this question..
My heart was stuck... No matter how hard i think , i get nothing..
All I get is tears in the midnight and more questions to myself..

2011 has just passed & i welcomed my 2012 with my fellow friends...
They really made my day... Thanks for everything in 2011...
Hope 2012 will get better..

Full of Questions,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Disaster Weekends

Dear Blog,

I decided to record my worst & best weekend ever with you. I spent almost RM200 in just 2 days..for fun QAQ *seriously..*

Friday -
Worst - Sick halfway at work...keep sneezing & feel dizzy every single moment. *I hate love my nose Q3Q*

Best - Drive to Asean Cafe to yamcha with my dear Alfred & dear Gor Vix & couple Yukito & Yuki while i'm still feeling dizzy and sick (>A<)

Saturday -
Worst Part 1 : Wake up early in the morning after a very lack of sleep for few days & went to Broga to fetch my grandfather to Kuala Lumpur as demanded by my mom...(She told me to go on 9am & when i get there bout 10 something..My aunt said she told my mom to ask me here by 11am FML)

Worst Part 2 : Back to Kuala Lumpur with my grandpa & aunt by almost 1pm waiting for the house estate coordinator for some contract thinggy as per promise meet by 1pm...(The agent actually late for 1 hour & reach my house by 2pm...with 5-7 copies of 30+ pages each to be signed =.= seriously,i thought it's only a paper!!!*noob*)

Worst Part 3 : Rushing to The Garden to celebrate my Gor's birthday at Redbox Garden by 3pm (I say I'll meet him bout 12pm ..see what I've did = =) Unfortunately, my superb Wajalution terus breakdown infront the uphill of the parking entrance = = *totally brilliant* ... Stunted until the Technician of Midvalley came to help = = and yet I dunno a word about car that he've explain to me bout my Wajalution TAT *totally noob genius* Called my DAD & Yukito for help indeed.. luckily got them TAT ( My dad straightly left his work at home n came to me at this time *I love u DAD!!!* Called for car pulling services & followed my dad went home with Estima he drove here..( & I terus drive Estima to The Garden after drop my dad at home )

Worst Part 4 & Best Part 1 : Reached Redbox Garden bout 5.30pm & finished by 7.30pm amount 38++ ... (Received my dad's call bout Wajalution & unproper arrangement on the suprise *I think it's not suprised already..= =lll* party makes me emo & pekcek & burnt like hell +_+)

Worst Part 5 : Went to meet up with bunch of frens with emo face...(I'm very sorry about that T////////T please forgive me...) decided to went for dinner at Kim Gary & end up with The Eighteen ... (The food is nice =D so nevermind ~)

Best Part 2 : Start playing around & emo flee ~ I really love & enjoice the moment we all gather together TAT It's an awesome dinner T//////T I love u guys~~~ (flykiss & hugs

*Specially thanks to Yukito for his help when  I'm in trouble TAT *
*Another thanks to Frens that accompany almost the wholeday*
*Vix//Rei//Wawa//Haru//Alistair//Gin//Ace//Yuki//Yukito//Rayray//Fishie//Gahleon//Tera//Bryan//Joseph//Chuun Nern//Sifu//Alezender//Shawn//*

-I hope i didn't left out anyone?

Sunday :-
Best Part : Went back to my secondary Kuen Cheng Girl High Kuen Cheng High School & meet my long time no see frens =D *My secondary nothing seems to be fun.. ="= * Went to The Garden for Hokkaido Ichiba .. It's really nice & cheap . ( Thanks for the recommendation XD ) Played bout two hours ThunderStone & it's totally addictive .. T=T *Already planning to buy myself a set when I do have spare money to spent T=T *

*Funs end when i need to fetch my grandpa back to Broga (haiz)*
*Ate fast food as dinner again....(I hate fats wei!!!!QAQ*


Monday, January 31, 2011

I‘m a poor blogger XD

I mean it XD I'm totally a poor blogger XD call me blog is like....HAHAHAHA!
Went to last minute Chinese New Year shopping on last saturday with Suan & Nic & Ken ~q~
Ya,I'm late again XD but this time XD Ken is later than me XD buahahahaha!!!*blink blink*
We off to Sushi Zanmai at LowYat Plaza for lunch =D *my brunch XD* ordered tempura soba & sushi XD
Consider nice ba XD chit chatting with suan n nic n their fren from gossips to figurine =D
Really have a nice time with them & Ken were able to catch up with us at Zanmai after an hour above stucked in traffic jam X3
After Zanmai..We all went to shopping at Times Square XD although i say we all but it's actually just me T^T cause Suan already done her shopping while she is waiting for us with Nic T^T SAD CASE~
After lepak-ing around repeating ~ i bought myself a long sleeves one piece & a pair of shoes + 3 pair of stocking + a dinner pouch =D not much...but satisfying X3 I do enjoy myself while having fun with them ^^ *or they making fun of me ?XD*
Yet,finally begin my CNY room cleaning process on that day...DUSTY & Exhausted TAT like ages TAT
I keep sneezing because of the dust..That's why i hate cleaning up so much TAT

And Sunday ~w~ went karaoke with two of my friend came back from Taiwan =D I missed them XD as usual,we are always fooling around with each other XD spent a nice chat with them and they accompany me n i bought another skirt today ~w~ *NO more shopping please~ I'm planning for my future spendings nia*
Having dinner with KFC and some bread from bread story XD AND the epic!!!!

*ONE MILLION STAR*!!!!!Malaysia's candidates Jess Lee really know how to touches our heart and sing well ^A^ very touched by her performance ^A^ and she proves herself to everyone =D she's the very FIRST CHAMPION with four times FULL MARK in the history of the show!!!! Reallly proud of her and call me a big FAN please XD

That's what for today.~ Time to sleep ~ Oyasuminasai ~ *bow*

Shit =3= AXN is showing Man In Black TAT *wanna watch~~~~* ((dragged into bedroom

*No Photos for Preview*
+Kissy Signing Off+

Sunday, October 17, 2010

❤ ~我好懶啊~ ❤

嗯,快兩個月沒更新了吧 :3
我承認我很懶惰寫英文啊…因為要一直斟酌用詞 TAT
嘛,偶爾寫寫華語也不錯~才發現,還是繁體呢OTL 赫赫赫*欺負人麼?!*
嚴格說起來,我最近真的一直宅在家看小說呢=//////= 御我大大的小說們都好棒哦~
在此極力推薦【1/2王子】和【吾命騎士】xD 好棒的奇幻小說啊~追得我都不捨得睡覺了呢~

呃,可是10月10號那天我破宅了=3= 原本真的沒打算要出門的啊…
*可是約我的那個是很少見的,所以就抱著喝茶的心態去了~w~ *
原本我是打算搭公交絕對會遲到的啦~可是結果是我最早到哦 =w=+ *聳鼻子自豪*
*什麼?誰說會開車就不能搭公交的?!我會迷路啊啊!* *為啥早到?*
嗯嗯,爹爹突然心情很好就開車帶我去了=w= 地點:Sunway Pyramid :3
相信大家都知道全馬第一的水上樂園了吧 =w= 至於外國的朋友們…想知道就問我吧xD
水上樂園是Sunway Lagoon,而我們去的則是算蠻高級的購物商場吧 ^v^ 裡面還有一個室內溜冰場哦~很棒的xD 啊,還有射擊場 >D 厲害吧xD

我也是極限的初學者,沒資格取笑別人就是了 =P
在等待大家的到來的時候無視了個黑人的搭訕~ *我不會英文我不會英文我不會英文 xD*
第一位ALAN,算認識蠻久了…他依然大包小包走天下 :3
第二位Kenneth是之前在一個動漫cosplay比賽認識的 >D
第四位弟弟呢…我到現在對他名字還是很blur :3 也是一個很可愛的小孩啦~
Bryan 也算認識久*?!*了~很少見面xD 可是他們都是好人哦~還是好男人xD

*我們在手扶梯前擋路呢xD 真好笑…*而此時,我發現了…
"我好像來錯聚會了哈= =今天是攝影師聚會吧?!" 我說 =3=

說真的,點菜也沒認真在點菜~*也是想N久還互相陷害付錢LOL* Order完畢…
真的很多人回頭望哦 =3= 在PizzaHut吃了好幾小時才跑的我們陪Alan去射箭場xD

拿起大家的相機…拍拍拍xD 呃,對了,樓下這一位絕對是我哦xD 很喜歡這張照片呢=3
謝謝Bryan :3 愛你哈xD

看了減肥比賽舞蹈比賽,在走道上浪費了半個小時的生命xD 大家才分車出發到【萌的餐廳】~
是女僕咖啡廳哦~可是是極限的失望透頂…對馬來西亞的程度絕望了…還是到日本去看看吧=w=洩氣後,大家又開始攝影經了xD 他們真可愛~*在到女僕餐廳前Joseph就先行離開了*
很開心我的10/10/10有你們5個的陪伴,讓我玩的很開心兼不寂寞 xD 希望你們也一樣 ^ ^

Kissy signing off :3

Friday, August 6, 2010

❤ =Friday= ❤

Today spent my whole day at office on Facebook too...*smackforehead*
That's why i went camwhore when no one on Facebook LOL
*Facebook Facebook*
..Lunch time..
For the very first time Shine called me.. She's so desperate..
Poor gal..*pat* chat with her & try to cheer her up..
Dunno did I succeed but i try xD Gomen neh..
*Facebook Facebook*
Uhuhuhu~ It's Friday & It's time to go home xD *like finally =P*
Chat little with Mom & Dad..then kena told that we are up to genting tml*blinky eyes*
What I wanna say is..There's actually a little yamcha gathering tml nite with primarymates..
But family came first,.so i ffk Shin,my best friend..
I apologies..But seems like she still on fire n dissapointed..
It's my fault so I have nothing to say..It's just depends on her own whether to accept my apology or get rid off me maybe? *This really make me moody = =*

Anyway,need to cheer up no matter what right? ^v^
Later Mom & Dad gonna bring us for Satey..Hoping for a good nite =)
Well..It's quite suprise for us cause we seldom went so far just for food =P
Gonna update later ^v^ Ciaoz~ 


❤ One Day One Camwhore ❤ LOL

❤ Me ❤

+Kissy Signing off...+